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Tomb Raider is one of the old classics in the gaming world. This 2013 reboot brings some new aspects into the game, while at the same time keeping its classic attributes intact. The game is very engaging and offers a variety of different ways to play it. Overall this reboot of the series is a good and exciting one that should not be overlooked.

The story begins with Lara Croft (the main character) and her team of explorers, who are searching for a lost civilization among the islands off the coast of Japan. The island is surrounded by bad weather, leading to the inevitable destruction of the ship, leaving the crew stranded on the island, searching for a way off. However they are not the only people on the island. A mysterious cult exists there that worship the island deity. Unfortunately, many of the events that take place are quite predictable and take some excitement away from the mystery of the game. However, there are many more positive aspects that out-weigh this pit fall.

The combat style in this game is very dynamic, ranging from silent stealth melee kills to guns blazing all out attacks. Many interesting ideas have been incorporated, such as the silent bow kill used for stealth. This offers players the chance for players to sneak through many levels of the game through long range stealth. On the other hand, the game is very realistic in the aspect of sound, for example when using a gun, all the enemies are alerted to the player’s location. One of the best mechanics of this game is the difference between head and body shots. The head shots offer more XP and cause significantly more damage, urging the player to aim rather than shoot anywhere on the enemy. Although this may seem to make the game realistic in many ways, Lara can withstand much more damage than what would normally be expected, from being stabbed to shot repeatedly. This however, makes the game more manageable, since the difficulty is already quite high.

The voice acting of the game is one to be admired. The characters are given enough depth and texture for the players to sympathize and relate to them, keeping them emotionally involved.

A feature in this game that makes the replay ability of it high is the fact that skills can be bought and used in previous levels in order to unlock new items and areas. Some of these grant the player access to the famous Tomb Raider puzzles that were inaccessible before purchasing the upgrades. These puzzles are usually extra options rather than being part of the main story, giving players the choice of whether or not to engage in them.  This also encourages and gives players the option to explore further then what the storyline offers.

The graphics are a simply a marvel. The stunning detail of fire and water along with the characters fine-tuned features make this game a pretty picture to look at. The graphics keep players captivated and believing in the surrounding environment.

By combining old as well as new features into the game, this game has become an overall good and worthy one.

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