8 Reasons to Get Windows 8

We previously talked with some excitement about the new kid in town, Windows 8.

After having messed around a bit with the new iteration of the OS, this is now a shortlist of reasons (in fact 8 reasons) why you should be happy to get Microsoft’s new brain child:

1- It’s going to make you totally forget your mouse.

Well, Windows 8 is an OS built for touch and gestures, and soon enough you’ll forget about your ageing mouse and head towards supported trackpads.

2- It’s good to batteries

Windows 8 is built and designed to service lower voltage devices, hence making much more power-efficient than any of its predecessors. And you’ll feel it.

3- It’s an “all-in-one” OS

Windows 8 comes in two flavours, Pro and RT, the former equipping full fledged computers, and the latter being dedicated to tablets. This unified core will allow you to seamlessly run an app on the two versions, and sometimes, even on Windows Phone 8.

4- It’s fast

Your PC will boot and run way faster now. It was about time.

5- It’s cheaper than before, and cheaper than the competition

The Windows 8 Pro upgrade is just USD 40. That already speaks for itself. And as competition goes, it is true that an Apple OS is somewhat affordable, but never forget that it equips a somewhat far-from-affordable device, be it a laptop, a tablet or a phone.

6- Its UI is simply… innovative

With the plethora of UI features the OS has and its minimalistic design, Windows will now democratize lots of unusual stuff on a computer, like gestures.

7- Internet Explorer just got better

IE10 looks nice. It does. Minimalistic and edgy, it should make you change your mind about its bad recent history, once you try the new embedded gestures that makes everything look faster and make you feel more productive.

8- Security

Malware protection got better, secure boot makes it even safer to boot your PC, protecting the OS against rootkit viruses, and new password structures and features will make you feel safer than anytime before.

So do you find these reasons enough for you to upgrade? Or even run to the shelves and get yourself a brand new PC? We certainly hope so.

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