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Smooth & Classy: Nokia’s Lumia 925 Review

I have a bit of experience with Lumia devices, since I have always been the first to review all Lumias that came onto our desks, and the main Tech-Ticker/Nokia liaison agent over the past few years. In this review, I’ll try my best to focus on a number of areas that most Windows Phone 8 […]


A Speed Date With the New Nokia Lumia Line-Up

We were invited to attend a speed date session with the new Nokia Lumia line-up; yep, a speed date. After all, we need to know if we do rightfully fit with our upcoming device. The setup and the idea were great and all of the attendees were eager to know which device will be their […]


First Look: Meet Nokia’s Lumia 1020

It’s an undeniable fact that Windows Phones are starting to make their place in the market. Being the third most popular system after iOS and android and controlling 3.2 % of the market, a lot of innovation and creativity is put into these phones to make them stand out. So what is their new standing […]

Lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 720 Review

Nokia’s Lumia handsets are finally settling down; and they’re settling down well. And the Lumia 720 is, in our opinion, a very important milestone for the Finns, since it definitely has the best design/features combination so far: it comes in the middle of the Lumia pack, with a midrange specsheet by Nokia standards, but attention […]


Random Thoughts On Smartphones

Buying a smartphone in Lebanon is quite an easy task; there is no hassle of yearly plans and whatnot, and a variety of models are available to suit your exact needs , tastes and umm… the recommendation of the seller. When buying a phone, you simply go by two options: where to get the best […]

Lumia 820 & 920

Lumia Range Mashup Cross-Review Part 1: 820 and 920

And here’s to you something new: a two-way device review, including Nokia’s Lumia 820 and 920. The experience was simple, but rather interesting. Two members of our editing team, namely Ali and Zaher had the chance to use and experience a Lumia device each; Ali handled the Lumia 920, Zaher the Lumia 820. I also […]