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Google Now

Google Now Cards Available in Chrome, on Desktops

Google today announced Google Now is being pushed to Chrome for Windows and Mac “starting today and rolling out over the next few weeks.” This means Google Now notifications will finally be available to desktop and laptop Chrome users, in addition to Android and iOS users. All you need to do is sign in to Chrome with the same […]


As Awesome As: Microsoft Lebanon’s DevCamp

Friday 29th of November was a special day for Lebanese developers as they witnessed the Microsoft Tech Day at AUB. In that day, professionals from Microsoft stood in front of a vast audience of developers, power users, and Tech geeks, to introduce them to the latest technology that Microsoft came up with. That involved Windows […]


The New Nokia Tablet: The Lumia 2520

I still recall when, a couple of years back, during the Nokia N9 launching event, I asked Nokia officials when will they be bringing a Nokia tablet to life. What I had in mind back then was more a MeeGo tablet than anything else. I personally considered MeeGo to be the perfect tablet OS, it […]

Welcome to Nokia World 2013!

Nokia World 2013 Quick Preliminary Summary

So guys, Nokia World 2013 keynote is just over. And boy do we have good news to share! Stephen Elop took the stage to announce a few awesome news. Awesome news for Nokia, awesome news for Microsoft mobile business (obviously), and awesome news for Lumia lovers, photography lovers. Let’s cut the story short: Three news […]


DIY: PC Cleanup Time

Hello Tech-Tickers, this is Jean-Pierre, again, continuing “PC Maintenance and Security” series. This is my second article in the series, if you missed the first one I advise you to go back and read it before continuing, reminding you that all the programs used to accomplish what you will see in those articles are completely […]

Windows Recovery Logo

Windows Data Recovery 6 Software Review

We’ve all been there, that dark moment when you realize that a massive amount of your data on your PC is just… gone! It might be due to a hard drive crash, a mistakenly clicked “delete” button, or just bad karma (you have been hacked for example). The main thing is that all those family […]

Windows 8.1

Is Microsoft Bringing Back the Start Button to Windows 8?

Microsoft is preparing to bring back the traditional Start button it left behind with the release of Windows 8. Through this move, Microsoft thought that it would revolutionize the way Windows users used to interact with their computers, thus generating a feeling of a new “revamped” platform, and enhancing the new design implemented with Windows 8. However, […]

HP Envy x2

HP Envy x2 Review

We were offered the opportunity to test and review the HP Envy x2 hybrid, courtesy of our dear friends at Multimedia Megastores – M2. To my personal discontent, it does seem like the line between tablets and laptops is getting blurry very fast. Coming to think of it, a typical laptop computer is little more […]

Mobile OS

Which Mobile OS Dominates the Arab Mobile Market?

We keep reading all over the Internet about the ongoing war on gaining additional market share between the dominant mobile operating systems (OS), with Android (at 64% share in Q1 2013) and iOS (18.8% as of 2012) leading the way, Windows Phone catching up(with 2.6%),  Blackberry with an unknown future (at 4.7%) and Symbian just fading […]