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Super Mario 3D World Looks Better Than We Thought

When Super Mario 3D World was first revealed at E3, I, like many people, was extremely disappointed. I was expecting something that looks like Mario Galaxy but instead Nintendo played it safe and we got a handheld game with multiplayer. But after seeing today’s trailer during the Nintendo Direct, that feeling was wiped away completely. […]

pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 Review

Pikmin 3 is a game like no other. In a nutshell, you control three captains whose planet is dying from starvation, so they crash land on a distant planet (actually post-apocalyptic earth) that’s rich in food they can bring back home. They have to gather as much fruit as possible, while searching for the missing […]

Sonic Lost World

Sonic: Lost World Debut Trailer

Sonic is coming back and coming back big. Announced a couple of weeks back during a Nintendo Direct online broadcast, Sonic: Lost World marks the first title in a three title exclusive deal between SEGA and Nintendo. Coming exclusively to the Wii U and 3DS later this year. IGN have the first ever hands-on and the game seems […]

Xbox One

The Future of Xbox: Why I Don’t Want “One”

Finally, the next generation of gaming is upon us. Nintendo began two years ago at E3 2011 with the announcement of the Wii U, Sony kickstarted their 8th generation hardware back in February of this year with the announcement of the PS4 and last but not least, this past Tuesday, Microsoft officially let the cat […]

Batman Arkham Origins

Warner Unleashes Arkham Origins Teaser Trailer

The world’s greatest detective will be back this year. Batman is returning, not to the silver screen though, but to your own personal screen. Back in April, Warner Bros and Game Informer announced the newest entry to the Batman Arkham gaming franchise. After the massive success of developer Rocksteady’s Arkham Asylum, labeled by the Guinness World […]


Pikmin Cartoon Shorts in the Works

Following in the footsteps of Angry Birds, the upcoming Wii U game, Pikmin 3, will also be getting the cartoon show treatment. Announced by the game’s producer, Shigeru Miyamoto, the cartoon series will release, in anticipation of the next iteration of Pikmin, Pikmin 3, later this year. They will probably be released through Nintendo’s online portal on both the 3DS […]

Wii U

Nintendo’s Wii U Review

So the next gen finally kicked off. Nintendo is the first contender in what many like to refer to as the “next gen war”. The Wii U, the next generation Nintendo console was announced in 2011 in a quick press release after a ton of leaks, and released worldwide in November 2012. And it finally […]