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VGA Tomb Raider Trailer Released

If you were following our twitter account a few days ago during the VGA's you probably read that a new trailer for the upcoming Tomb Raider game was shown. This trailer just officially made it online and it gives us a great view of what to expect in this Tomb Raider reboot. For those unfamiliar with this game, while not related to any of the other Tomb Raider games (except for Ms. Croft of course), it sort of acts as a prequel to all of these games ...
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“Well, That Just Happened”… Bungie’s Destiny leaked

BUNGIE! What was the first image that popped up in your mind? Mortal Kombat? Nope. Mario? Nope. Zelda? Also nope. A certain green masked chief on a planet trotting adventure with a hot AI partner? YES! Bungie are of course the renowned creators of one the biggest FPS (First Person Shooter)'s of the decade. I am of course referring to the futuristic spartan Master Chief and his lovely  blue AI partner Cortana in the astounding Halo franchise. The ...
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