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Samsung Electronics

Retrospective: The Samsung Story

They cracked the screens and cases with heavy hammers. Then they lit a bonfire and threw everything in. Workers lost in the haze of their own sorrow and distress, crying. And still the hardware to be crushed and eliminated kept coming. Snap! Let me draw you a picture of what’s happening. Samsung’s CEO was disgusted by the […]

Zombie Gaming

Zombie Gaming: Remembrance

Zombies are all over the place. Indeed, we couldn’t help but notice how omnipresent were zombie games, be it on consoles and handhelds, but mostly on smartphones and tablets. Of course, zombies have been a film and comic staple since the early 70′s, but the past fifteen years have seen them take over the gaming […]


… “And One More Thing”: The Apple Chronicles

January 1998 – Macworld “Oh, and one more thing… we’re profitable.” With $45 million of net income that quarter, it was the first time Apple had managed a profit in over two years. January 1999 – Macworld This is the year the iMac came to life. The first desktop computer to come in five different […]

Batman Logo

Timeline: Batman Iconography

This goes out to all of you movie geeks out there. We encountered a sweet little infographic by Cathryn Lavery that reiterates the evolution of the Batman logo over the years. This kind of stuff always tingles our tiny little inner geek sensors, making us drool with rather incomprehensible passion. The chart takes us through the years from 1940′s Batman and […]


Obsolete: Things Our Kids Will Never Know

In this ephemerae-shaped world, obsolete is King. I sound like I will plunge now into a deep philosophical endeavor, trying to find a true meaning to this existence and what lies ahead. In fact, this article is just a tentative to try and wrap up all Tech-related items that are currently running obsolete as we […]