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The Google self-driving car maneuvers th

Google and Android Invading Your Car Soon

2014 is starting just the way we want it to. In a blogpost today, Google announced that they are starting to “invade” cars. What does that exactly mean? Some awesomeness in terms of related data gathered, and switching cars will be as easy as sending your personal data to your new car and every dream […]


When Gardening Goes High-Tech

We’ve seen almost everything, when it comes to Smartphone Technology advancements, as of late. Smartphones of today embed a plethora of sensors and features, starting to enumerate them would be trivial. The latest novelty in the matter are Smartphones that respond to signals from plants. This “green-Tech” does not only affect phones; Can you picture […]

Driving Dog

Drivers: a Thing of Yesterday

Whether it be planes, trains or even cars, the term human drivers will be a noun from the past. Take trains for example; recently Rio has decided to replace their train drivers with automated machines since apparently being a conductor is one of most paying jobs in the country (Around 224,000$ anually!). The plan to […]

Samsung Electronics

Retrospective: The Samsung Story

They cracked the screens and cases with heavy hammers. Then they lit a bonfire and threw everything in. Workers lost in the haze of their own sorrow and distress, crying. And still the hardware to be crushed and eliminated kept coming. Snap! Let me draw you a picture of what’s happening. Samsung’s CEO was disgusted by the […]


So What Is 4K TV?

The (near) future of TV is among us. Earlier this year, Sony, LG and lately Samsung unveiled their new 4K giant TV sets. And with this, they all threw HD TV decades backward, rendering it obsolete. Unfortunately, this does mean that we all will have to upgrade our TVs at some point in the near […]


Google: The State of World Domination

Google already made the shift from a mere search engine to a multi-talented operating system and software developer powerhouse. But now, maturing even a whole lot more, Google is shifting from this to a global Technology provider to the masses. Google did not announce any new gadget, any new device at its latest I/O this […]


Just In: Robotize Your Home

Home automation is at everyone’s reach nowadays. Over are the days when only the rich and nerdy would have access to automatic thermostats, automatic switches and other home-controlling gadgets and equipments. Smartphones, WiFi, and ever-shrinking Tech can easily turn your pad into a web-connected smart palace. We’ve selected three utilities that will come in handy whenever […]

Kid & Tablet

Should Our Kids Be That Exposed to Technology?

I often hear the same words from my friends talking about their young kids: They trail into the sitting room and wander around, throwing their eyes everywhere, scanning for an iPod Touch or an iPad, craving for some Tech time. Most of the time too, these kids are so young, they do barely know how to […]

Tech Retail

Do We Still Need Physical Tech Retail Stores?

These days, everything tends to become digital. Of course, one of the biggest examples being newspaper and books. And services: booking services, billing, even financial services. Our music has gone digital too, in two phases though, migrating from an analog physical support to a digital, then swapping physical support to become cloud-embedded. Movies and series […]