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Nokia Lumia 720

Tech-Ticker’s Lumia 720 Giveaway

We’re at it again. Giving a brand new phone away to you, our readers. Because without you we’re basically… nothing. This giveaway was long due, since we promised you to run it some while ago; but hey, here we are. This time around, Nokia Lebanon had the extreme generosity of handing us a Lumia 720 […]

Google I/O

Google I/O Extended – Beirut Chapter

This year, the famous worldwide event is coming next to you. Google I/O 2013 will be extended to Beirut. To all Tech and Mobile lovers, whether you are Google, Android or Chrome admirers; This one is definitely for you and we’ll be eagerly waiting for you, to and we will be more than happy to discuss cool stuff, […]


Trivia Week 2012: The Results

So Trivia Week comes to an end. We had a series of 7 quizzes, three related to Gaming, three to Movies, and one that had to with Mobiles and Technology. Each quiz was composed of 9 questions, and the rules were simple: get the highest count of right answers. Of course, participants had to share […]


Trivia Week Opening

Here it is. Trivia Week is upon us. The long-promised week of quizzes is finally here, and you can start now bringing your friends around to compete with them. Our advice is to try and do it on fair grounds: do not look up answers on the Internet, try to answer them in all honesty, […]

Tech-Ticker Mascots

“Name The Mascots” and Win a Lumia 900

“Name our Mascots” for a chance to win the new Nokia Lumia! You might have noticed by now the two little guys wandering around our website, our Facebook fanpage and on our Twitter profile. Well, the time is finally here to name those two guys for a chance to win the brand new Nokia Lumia […]


A Migration, Not a Digression. Tech-Ticker Is Born

Wow… It’s been quite some time since GIGAlb went offline. And sincerely, we missed it. We missed everything about it: the writing, the news, the collaborative effort. We missed you. A magazine without its readers is nothing. And when a magazine goes off for a rather long time, the fear of losing our reader base […]