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Thief Review

Review: Thief, a Massive Disappointment

Thief is a disappointingly broken and uninspired game, but there are still a few ounces of fairly abstract appeal – the appeal it has taken from the previous 3 games in the franchise. Like its predecessors, the latest Thief game is a first-person adventure/stealth game, set in a perpetually dark, dreary city, with a corrupt […]


Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 reMIX Review

Even if you’re not a gamer in the sense that I am, the Kingdom Hearts franchise is hard not to like. I’ll try to be unbiased as I can, but it’s important that you know that I love adore Kingdom Heart, and Square Enix is one of my favorite developers. There are two types of […]

Deus Ex: The Fall

Deus Ex: The Fall To Be Released on iOS

Following the teaser released earlier this week, Square Enix has announced today that Deus Ex: The Fall will be a first-person shooter releasing on iPhones and iPads later this summer for 6.99$. The story will continue from James Swallow’s novel, The Icarus Effect. Following other games in the series, The Fall will be a story-driven stealth and action game […]

deus ex

Deus Ex: The Fall Teaser Trailer of a Teaser of a Teaser

As has been accustomed of the gaming industry, we now need teasers for everything, even teasers! After last night’s tease from Eidos Montreal in regards to a new sequel to the Deus Ex franchise, we got the trailer today which alludes to the date of 5/6/13 along with the sentence, “Are we ready to begin?”. End […]

Deus Ex

Eidos Montreal Teasing New Deus Ex

Deus Ex is considered to be a hallmark milestone game for FPS/Stealth Action based Cyberpunk themed games in the past decade. Birthed by the legendary game designer, Warren Spector, of recent Epic Mickey fame, the franchise received many awards and heaps of praise and commercial success. After a long pause in releases, and the financial downfall […]

Tom Raider

Tomb Raider to be Fully Localized in Arabic

Tomb Raider! You of course thought of Ms Lara Croft and her massive guns. By guns I of course mean her actual guns. Not the other melon guns, you naughty silly reader. Well, back to the news at hand. Square Enix has just delightfully announced that the upcoming Tomb Raider game, which deals with Lara’s […]