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Hair-Growing Cells Can Now Be Made From Ordinary Skin Cells

Regrowing hair from our own skin cells is now a possibility. A team of stem cell scientists (a team from the University of Pennsylvania and the New Jersey Institute of Technology)¬†took adult human skin cells and transformed them into a particular type of cell that people lose when they lose their hair, called epithelial stem […]


AI & Robotics: Where Do We Stand

Similar to our newly launched series about comics, of which we published the first part a few days ago, we are going to be publishing a series of info and trivia articles about general science matters, maths wonders and other interesting stuff, we worked on collecting from about everywhere, be it on the internet, or […]


Energy Storage: The Promise of the Green and the Efficient

Professor Alessandro Volta invented the first battery around 200 years ago. And this time gap was apparently not enough to let this invention evolve into large-scale energy storage solutions. Did you ever think about that? Storing energy in order to redistribute it when needed (following a bit the cow-dwelling model). Well, this simply does not […]