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Do We Still Need Physical Tech Retail Stores?

These days, everything tends to become digital. Of course, one of the biggest examples being newspaper and books. And services: booking services, billing, even financial services. Our music has gone digital too, in two phases though, migrating from an analog physical support to a digital, then swapping physical support to become cloud-embedded. Movies and series […]


Google Rumored to Open its Own Retail Stores

A rumor emerged last week claiming that Google will follow the (old) steps of Apple and open its own chain of physical stores in the US and hopefully, across the world. Reports from 9to5Google¬†mention that the search engine giant is looking to venture into seriously opening permanent retail locations before the end of 2013. This […]


Why Traditional Retail Is Dying

After twenty years of big scale presence, where does e-commerce stand? Well, twenty is not a small number. And e-commerce has shown great resilience, the main indicator being that it’s still alive and kicking. Not only did it survive the past two decades, but it also evolved. E-commerce is now a +$200 billion industry in […]