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Sony Reveals Thanksgiving Sales for PS3 and PS Vita

So now that the turkeys have settled in our stomachs and we have churned the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, it is time to look at the numbers. As you recall, Microsoft and Nintendo already released their wonderful sales reports over the last week. Be sure to check them out here. Now it is time to focus on Sony, and according to their latest report, their sales were equally as good. The ‘Black Friday bundle’ for the PS3, saw sales increased ...
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Devil May Cry Demo Now Available

A demo for the upcoming, highly-anticipated Devil May Cry is now available for download on the PSN and XBLA. It features two missions from the game with an unlockable challenge mode, Son of Sparda, upon completion of these two missions. The game features it's trademark protagonist, Dante, but with a new look and twist and the game is said to be taking a new direction. Although at first, this change did not garner positive reactions, recent previews ...
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