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Note 3

Phabulous? Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Gear Review

This Galaxy Note is the third of its kind. I still remember when the first Galaxy Note came out, how everybody was skeptical about its success. Everyone said this phone was definitely too big to go mainstream. We’re far from that time now. The Note has established itself as a strong alternative to “standard” smartphones. […]


HTC One Max, Hitting the Market Soon

Rumor has it the HTC One Max is going to make its international debut on either October the 15th or the 17th. Just last week, photos of the upcoming phone leaked all over the internet, the 5.9 inch phone is one of many to join the phablet series including the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note […]

Xperia Z Ultra

Galaxy Note, Sony Style: Xperia Z Ultra

“More of that, please”. This should have been Sony Mobile’s Board of Directors declaration when their engineers presented the Xperia Z. The engineers then took it religiously: they gave them more of the Xperia Z, literally more: the Xperia Z Ultra. More Power Practically, the Xperia Z Ultra is the “phablet” version of the Xperia […]

Samsung Galaxy Mega

The World’s Biggest Phone: Samsung’s Galaxy Mega

Want a tablet and a phone, wrapped in one single nice shell? It might seem funny at first, but Samsung’s Galaxy Mega could be one clever buy. Here’s why: It’s huge. It’s humongous. With its 6.3 inches from corner to opposite corner, Samsung’s big boy 720p screen is barely smaller than that of the Nexus […]

LG Optimus Vu

LG Optimus Vu (Finally) Announced for the Levant

We just finished our roundly visit to LG Beirut Headquarters. And the least we can say is that it went well. We got two major news – or¬†announcements, even though “news” make it sound less dramatic – that will please most of you, especially those who hold Android rather high up in their love scale. […]