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Super Mario 3D World Looks Better Than We Thought

When Super Mario 3D World was first revealed at E3, I, like many people, was extremely disappointed. I was expecting something that looks like Mario Galaxy but instead Nintendo played it safe and we got a handheld game with multiplayer. But after seeing today's trailer during the Nintendo Direct, that feeling was wiped away completely. Super Mario 3D World looks genuinely awesome. The trailer starts by hinting at what the story is about. Rather than ...
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Nintendo Direct Wii U Wrap-Up

Another day, and another Nintendo Direct. Nintendo, as of late, has been using its own social media outlets to prepare or even announce big releases and big news. Earlier this month they announced the new Pokemon games on the 3DS (Be sure to read up on them here) and now they are back. But this time it is all about the Wii U's software applications and game lineup. Wii U Software First up was that, come spring, the Wii U will get a much needed ...
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