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So What Exactly Is An iBeacon?

An iBeacon is a cheap, low-power device that adds indoor location awareness to your phone. When you walk into its range (that of its Bluetooth Low Energy signal), it can tell roughly how far away you are and then ping you a message, activate an app, pair your phone with a device, etc. The way […]


When It’s Love, It NFC Varies…

Teenagers love, we all remember this period; but with NFC, shyness is eliminated. We simply liked this video from Sony, and wished we had this technology way before, like some couple of decades ago. What do you think you would do with NFC?

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An Introduction to Near Field Communication (NFC)

I am sure that by now you have all heard about the term Near Field Communication (NFC) when reading or listening to the overall specifications of a mobile phone.Some may even have an understanding of its technical nature but have no idea how it can be used in our daily lives or even add any […]


Etisalat UAE to Launch Mobile Wallet Services in 2013

Etisalat, the mobile operator in the UAE, has announced its plans to launch mobile wallet services in 2013, allowing its customers to perform all kinds of operations directly from their phones on the go without the need to leave their houses or offices. This service is planned for launch during the first half of 2013 […]

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What Should We Expect from NFC?

Near Field Communications, this kind of exotic Technology feature a few months back, is starting to pop up everywhere around us. Even here in Lebanon, we can see it spreading its wings. If we look closer, we can notice that some retail stores are starting to be equipped with PayPass terminals (some of them even […]