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The Book Thief

The Book Thief Special Premiere Tickets Giveaway

Here we go again. A new year, and a whole new series of giveaways that we hope will be as awesome as you’d expect. Our first premiere for this year is for the beautiful “The Book Thief”. On January 16th, Empire International will be releasing the highly expected “The Book Thief” in Lebanon. The movie is based […]


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Big Giveaway

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is here. If you still haven’t heard about it, this movie is the story of a day-dreamer who escapes his anonymous life by disappearing into a world of fantasies filled with heroism, romance and action. When his job along with that of his co-worker are threatened, he takes action in […]

Movie Popcorn

GeekFest Beirut 6th Edition – Dinner & Movies

Unorganized by the Online Collaborative in partnership with EMPIRE, Roadster diner and CINEMACITY, GeekFest Beirut 6.0 – Dinner & Movies is here! Brace yourself for the most special GeekFest yet on October 2nd in CityMall. Food and movies constitute the cornerstones of what geeks love. Now instead of munching pizza to an illegal torrent on […]

IMAX Theater

What Is IMAX?

So we have a new movie theater in Lebanon. VOX Cinemas recently opened its doors to the public; this new complex is located inside Beirut City Centre. What is so special about it? Well, it is equipped with screens and theaters following IMAX standards. But what exactly is IMAX? IMAX (an abbreviation for Image Maximum) is a motion picture film […]


7 Bad Ass Movie Weapons – Melee Edition

We meet again, fellow readers, with yet another edition of 7 movie stuff (I need a better name for this I know). This time around, we countdown 7 swords and other melee weapons most males growing up in the 90′s wished they had up until modern ones, I still hope to get my hands on. […]

Movie: The Avengers

Some Interesting Movie Figures

Movie time! In our special interests series, of which we already published a comic-focused feature and a short recap on AI and robotics, we did reserve a place to movie figures and box-office records. Highest, Oldest, Longest and Remarkable “Mosts” Highest-grossing film series: Harry Potter. The eight films of the series has grossed USD 6,853 […]


7 South Korean Thrillers You Would Not Want to Miss

South Korean cinema has been booming for the past couple of years, and it seems that Hollywood has started to notice, with Korean directors such as Chan-wook Park and Jee-woon Kim directing their first Hollywood movies in the recent years and remake plans for most of the movies on the list. Things might get bloody […]

Man Of Steel Movie

7 Movies Every Geek Should be Waiting for in 2013

Iron Man 3 After 2012’s Avengers taught the industry a lesson on what a comic book super hero movie should be, Tony Stark steps back up for round three. Be prepared as Iron Man faces off against the Mandarin in what the trailer promises to be his deadliest fight yet. World War Z If Vampires […]