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Molyneux’s Curiosity Has Finally Ended

After 6 months of peeling away layer after layer of virtual pixels, Peter Molyneux's first game/experiment, Curiosity, from his newly founded studio, 22 cans, has ended. The winner, the person who chipped away the last cube, is apparently found in the UK and has been contacted from the studio. The winner was sent a video explaining what was inside the cube and it was his choice whether to share the video and unravel the mystery of the cube with the ...
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Putting Faith in Molyneux’s Godus: an Analysis of Project Godus

As some of you may have heard, Peter Molyneux, the overhype-machine which everyone loves to hate, is back yet again with a new project called GODUS. For those unfamiliar with this developer, he is the ex-head of Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Game Studios European Division, the company which brought you games like the fan-favorite Black & White and the Fable series on the Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC/Mac. Something gamers have noticed however is that ...
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