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Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier Comes to iOS April 10

Today, Ubisoft announced that Trials Frontier, an upcoming free-to-play mobile title from RedLynx and its best-selling and award-winning Trial series, will be available on iOS devices on April 10 and on Android devices at a later date. Trials Frontier is the series’ first appearance on mobile devices, bringing tricks, flips and competition on the go. […]


When Gardening Goes High-Tech

We’ve seen almost everything, when it comes to Smartphone Technology advancements, as of late. Smartphones of today embed a plethora of sensors and features, starting to enumerate them would be trivial. The latest novelty in the matter are Smartphones that respond to signals from plants. This “green-Tech” does not only affect phones; Can you picture […]


View YouTube Videos Offline

Finally!! Starting November mobile app users will be able to catch their favorite YouTube videos offline. By default,all uploaded videos will be available for offline view,unless the person who uploaded the video opted not to. Unfortunately pesty commercials will still show, yet on the bright side a video will be available for viewing for the […]

Mobile OS

Which Mobile OS Dominates the Arab Mobile Market?

We keep reading all over the Internet about the ongoing war on gaining additional market share between the dominant mobile operating systems (OS), with Android (at 64% share in Q1 2013) and iOS (18.8% as of 2012) leading the way, Windows Phone catching up(with 2.6%),  Blackberry with an unknown future (at 4.7%) and Symbian just fading […]

Android Apps

Our Recommended Apps/Games for Android [April 2013]

Starting this week-end, we will try to cover some applications on the Android ecosystem on a regular basis, in order to try them for you, and recommend the ones we true did like. This is done in a totally casual manner, not following any rule or schedule; A passionate and pure instinctual call. Funny coincidence that all […]


DevAppLB Mobile App Hackathon

Have you ever heard of the term “hackathon”? As the name implies, the Hackathon is an event in which computer programmers and other professionals in the field of software development, like graphic designers,interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects for an extensive period of time (between one day to a full week). Sounds interesting, right? Well if so, then now you have […]

Mobile Ads

Why Mobile Ads Don’t Work

People simply don’t like ads on their screens. I mean the screens in their pocket. These small screens they use everyday. In fact, and weirdly enough, people tend to consider their mobile phones as part of their very intimate circle, this circle that includes their car keys and wallet. Still, mobile ads are everywhere. In […]

Opera Ice

Opera Ice: The New Mobile Browser Is Coming Soon

As first reported by Pocket-Lint, Opera, the popular Norwegian software company is set to release their new browser Opera Ice on iOS and Android very soon. The preview video accessed by the Pocket-Lint (now claimed back by Opera for privacy infringement  shows Opera CEO Lars Boilesen outlining the company’s plans for 2013 before giving the floor to […]

Oppo FInd 5 - White

Who Is Oppo?

OPPO is a name I’ve been stumbling upon everywhere around the net, lately. And it’s getting worse. The past few weeks, this occasional encounter became a daily treat. It’s only a few days ago that I figured out that this brand (since I managed to know that Oppo is actually one) actually manufactures mobile phones. And apparently […]