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Google Brings Apple Maps to the Ground

When an app quickly soars (less than 24 hours) to the top of the free apps list in the Apple App Store, this does mean something big has hit the market. Really big. And Google Maps for iOS is big indeed. For many reasons. The first one being that it finally comes in to save the day, save Apple specifically from its latest hiccup - we still have in mind the terrible fiasco of Apple Maps failed launch. The second being the fact that it comes to soothe ...
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Nokia HERE

Nokia HERE Is… Here on iOS

BOOM! Google... lost people of Appleland, the wait is over. Nokia is "HERE" to guide you. So Google was a bit hesitant about whether to submit their map app and to check if it will be accepted or no, and with Apple being obviously too arrogant to ask about it, along came Nokia and submitted it, and Here is now available on Apple's very own Appstore. So the Navteq-powered mapping solution is on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch for free. But not free ...
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