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Bendy: LG G Flex Review

We said it before: the age of the curved is upon us. But does LG’s take on it bring something solid to the table? We’ve had the chance to test the LG G Flex for a few days. First of all, there’s more to the G Flex than just a curved display. It also is […]


Almost There: Nexus 5 Review

One year ago, the Nexus 4 rocked the smartphone boat, when it was released with top-of-the-line feature pack for a ridiculously low $299 USD price tag. But we also still remember its shortfalls: lack of LTE, underwhelming camera and poor battery life. The Nexus 5 is now here. What is noticeable at first encounter is […]

iPhone 5s vs LG G2

Can LG’s G2 Beat The iPhone 5s?

Let us start with form. The iPhone 5, and hence the 5s is the most stylish and elegant smartphone out there. Aluminum-built, slim, sleek are the keywords to look for. HTC’s One was the only Android smartphone to come close to these standards. Our first days with the G2 did involve a lot of fumbling […]


Google’s Nexus 5 Is Here

Google has just made the Nexus 5 official. As expected, the latest Nexus smartphone is manufactured by LG. It rocks a 4.95″ LCD display with 1080p resolution, which adds up to a pixel density of 445 ppi and Gorilla Glass 3 for enhanced screen protection. Inside the Nexus 5 is a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset with […]


Soon: Nexus 5 Rumor Roundup

Google’s Nexus 5 is coming soon. Any day now. All leaks lead to a Friday release. Yes… this coming friday, 48 hours from now. Rumors are all over the place, and as the probable target date approaches, things go even crazier. Launch Date Predictions for its rollout date have so far missed, with predictions for […]


LG G2 Review: A New Beast Is In Town

One thing is clear: LG are doing a great job with their latest mobile releases, and year after year we are being blown away by this company in terms of personal computing. Their latest mobile flagship, the G2 is nothing short of a Tech beast that will rock the whole competition. Thanks to our friends […]


LG G2: Nexus 4, Revisited

We only had the chance to get a glimpse of the LG G2 a few days back. One thing I’d like to personally express is that I’m happy LG finally found its design language. And what is obvious is that it did find it after Google had asked the company to build its Nexus phone […]

Jelly Bean

My Month With Nexus 4′s Jelly Bean

Having been an avid iOS supporter for just over 2 years, I was both excited and cautious when I got my first Android phone, the Sony Xperia TX 2 months ago. I have to say that I was not disappointed with this Operating System and back then, I was still running Ice Cream Sandwich. So imagine […]

Nexus 4 Back

LG Is Reportedly Building the Next Nexus Phone – [Rumor]

Google’s I/O event is just a few days away and rumors keep hitting us all over the place. After several leaks of what might be the upcoming Android iteration (pushed up to version 4.3 with no change log appearing anywhere, yet), we are now getting several rumors about the upcoming Google’s own next Nexus phone. […]


LG Launches its 84” Ultra HD 3D TV in Lebanon

Last Wednesday marked the launch of LG’s 84” Ultra HD 3D TV in Lebanon. At an event hosted by The Hangout – Gemmayze, the regional marketing manager of LG introduced LG’s first Ultra HD 3D Smart TV, which features an elegant 84” display in stunning 4K, the next generation of TV resolution. Display The announcement featured […]