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RealCam KickStarter Campaign: Shoot Like a Pro

We at Tech-Tickers love innovations and original ideas, we featured many apps that were launched by independent developers as part of endorsement and fascination by their capabilities, especially the ones that can be easily incorporated in our daily lives and used to enhance certain experiences from the device that we use the most: our mobile […]


UVeBand: Your Friendly Sunscreen Reminder

Summer is warming up its engines and will be here in no time. Some time in the sun is what you’ll do best in a few weeks. Better be careful then, keep your sunscreen nearby. This time around, you’ll have a new sunbathing companion: UVeBand. This new Kickstarter project can protect you from the harmful effects of ultraviolet […]


A Few Interesting Kickstarter Alternatives

KickStarter, Differently The title of the article is pretty obvious. We’re going to present some alternatives to Kickstarter. But first, let us talk a bit about it: Kickstarter is virtually synonymous with crowd-funding. Since its inception in 2009, Kickstarter has raised $371 million for projects that met their objective threshold. It also has helped launch around 80,000 projects so […]


Putting Faith in Molyneux’s Godus: an Analysis of Project Godus

As some of you may have heard, Peter Molyneux, the overhype-machine which everyone loves to hate, is back yet again with a new project called GODUS. For those unfamiliar with this developer, he is the ex-head of Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Game Studios European Division, the company which brought you games like the fan-favorite Black […]