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Apple Announces Top iPhone Grossing Apps

Apples smartphone app market is more competitive than ever, with more than one million apps readily available for your fast little fingers to swiftly tap and swipe around the screen. All these apps make for over sixty billion downloads in total – and that’s just last year’s report! So what does it take to be […]

Office Android

Microsoft Office for iOS and Android Now Completely Free

Microsoft today released Office for iPad and updated Office Mobile for iPhone and Office Mobile for Android with a major change: both are now completely free for home use. The decision was allegedly made in order to align Office Mobile for Windows Phone with its iOS and Android counterparts. As a result, Office Mobile now lets smartphone […]


Google Glass Explorer Edition Review

The future is here, this is what I thought when I first heard the announcement of Google Glass some time ago. For those of you who are not familiar with what Google Glass is (from hereon I will be referring to it as Glass), in summary, it is a wearable computer in the form of […]

iPhone 5s vs LG G2

Can LG’s G2 Beat The iPhone 5s?

Let us start with form. The iPhone 5, and hence the 5s is the most stylish and elegant smartphone out there. Aluminum-built, slim, sleek are the keywords to look for. HTC’s One was the only Android smartphone to come close to these standards. Our first days with the G2 did involve a lot of fumbling […]