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JustUnfollow – A New Way to Manage Twitter and Instagram

For those who are not familiar with JustUnfollow, it is a social tool that will allow you to easily and efficiently manage your social feeds on Twitter and Instagram. It started from the concept of “unfollowed me on Twitter” and grew to a more practical and comprehensive tool that will change your social experience on […]

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Your Instagram Feed is Now on the Web

You know that Instagram feed you look at every time you open the app on your phone to see all the new pictures your friends and people you follow have posted? Previously, doing this was only limited to the screen of your phone (or tablet). But starting today, you will be able to do this […]


The Instagram ToS: Are They That Bad?

If you have been browsing around the net in the past 24 hours or accessed your Facebook account, I am sure that you were bombarded with news and statuses about people’s disappointment with Instagram’s new terms of service (ToS), which somehow seem to indicate that the popular photo sharing social network now has┬áthe right to […]


Social Media Wars: Twitter Releases In-App Photo Filters

So Instagram decided to stop letting users directly view photos on Twitter. Retaliation: Twitter announced a new version of its iOS and Android clients that adds Instagram-style photo filters. And that was but the latest smash volley in an escalating fight between the two companies: after Twitter revoked access to Instagram users wishing to add […]