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Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka

Japanese Building Demolition Harvests Energy

Have you ever thought about how a huge skyscraper is brought down to the ground in the best and most efficient manner? The process of building demolition sounds easy for small structures with 20 floors or less (hint: it gets blown up by experts or slammed with wrecking balls), but what about those tall buildings that […]


All Hail MeterPlug, the Energy Saver

Now this has the potential to be huge. MeterPlug is a small connected device – it’s a plug, mainly – for electrical outlets. The plug acts a pass through between any electrical appliance and an outlet, measuring real-time energy usage and recording it over time. It also pairs with a smartphone app for data, alerts and for control […]


What’s a LED?

I always knew about LED lighting, LED light bulbs. I mean I’ve heard of them, saw them in hardware stores, but never really gave much importance to this lighting technology. Facts are LED light bulbs are everywhere nowadays. So since I am in the process of finishing and equipping my new apartment, I had to […]


Energy Storage: The Promise of the Green and the Efficient

Professor Alessandro Volta invented the first battery around 200 years ago. And this time gap was apparently not enough to let this invention evolve into large-scale energy storage solutions. Did you ever think about that? Storing energy in order to redistribute it when needed (following a bit the cow-dwelling model). Well, this simply does not […]