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Galaxy NX

Flexible Megapixels: Samsung Galaxy NX

Do not get misguided by the title. We do not mean flexible as in “bendy”, and we’re not dealing with those flexible displays you might have heard of, lately. We only meant flexible as in an interchangeable-lensed camera that runs Android and sporting 4G and Wifi chips. Now that is flexible. We had the chance […]

Samsung Camera

A Digital Mirror

How many times did you wish you knew what you looked like while taking a shot, or like wished that you slightly moved your head to the left? It’s no secret with the popularity of Instagram, Snapshare, Facebook and other social networks, people now tend to care more about how they look in a photograph. […]

Evolution of Photography

Photography. Evolved

Today, with the availability of good cameras in our mobile phones, we take photography for granted; completely forgetting that at some point in history, taking a photograph was just a dream. People started to capture their surroundings and portray people through paintings and drawings and it was only restricted to royalty. Other than the fact […]