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The Hypentrepreneur

For the past 3 to 5 years, all I hear has revolved around the buzz on how great it is to be an entrepreneur. Local and international publications have been blowing the horn of entrepreneurship loud enough to bring down the walls of Jericho. The amount of buzz words related to this has grown so […]

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Online: How Companies Adopt Different Sales Models

Websites. You know, these things we head to in order for us to… to what exactly? In fact, when thinking about what we actually do on the Internet, things boil down to a few activities, in the end: we conduct some random searches to find out more about a word, a recipe, a product or […]


Disqus: Are Web Comments a Good Business?

Disqus claims 42% of internet users read the comments after a story or contribute one of their own. And they definitely know what they’re talking about, since this figure is extracted from the company’s more than 2 million clients. However, two main schools debate over the impact comments might have on the overall perceptibility of online content, […]


Behind the Scenes: Depicting the Netflix Model

Ever wondered how services similar to Netflix function? At first, the model looks pretty simple and rather plain. But things get a little more complicated once you dig deeper into the effective workflow before generating a final movie product to the masses. Netflix is a movie-streaming service, pretty much like the one offered by Apple through iTunes, […]