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Nike Cancels Its FuelBand Project

Things seem to turn sour on the wearable hardware front for Nike. It does look like the company is shutting down the its operations related to wearable Tech. Signs might have been misleading, as Nike just opened a Nike+ Fuel Lab in San Francisco last week that listed the FuelBand as part of its mandate, and as it released […]


Apple Announces Top iPhone Grossing Apps

Apples smartphone app market is more competitive than ever, with more than one million apps readily available for your fast little fingers to swiftly tap and swipe around the screen. All these apps make for over sixty billion downloads in total – and that’s just last year’s report! So what does it take to be […]


So What Exactly Is An iBeacon?

An iBeacon is a cheap, low-power device that adds indoor location awareness to your phone. When you walk into its range (that of its Bluetooth Low Energy signal), it can tell roughly how far away you are and then ping you a message, activate an app, pair your phone with a device, etc. The way […]

iPhone 5s vs LG G2

Can LG’s G2 Beat The iPhone 5s?

Let us start with form. The iPhone 5, and hence the 5s is the most stylish and elegant smartphone out there. Aluminum-built, slim, sleek are the keywords to look for. HTC’s One was the only Android smartphone to come close to these standards. Our first days with the G2 did involve a lot of fumbling […]

Tony Fadell

Who Is Tony Fadell?

If you’ve already heard the name before, you certainly know that Tony Fadell was one of the fathers of Apple’s iPod. If you’re Lebanese, you’ve definitely noticed that the name is familiar. And it is indeed: Tony Fadell is “an inventor, designer, entrepreneur, and angel investor” (quoting Wikipedia), alumnus of Grosse Pointe South High School, Michigan. He […]


Fights Over Technology (Literally)

While catching up on the news today I realized that some people would go to the extremes to be from the first to have the newest technological item. Now since in Lebanon there is no exact Mac Store, you won’t exactly see campouts and endless lines piling by the doors waiting for the official sales […]


iPhone 5c Demand: Yay or Nay?

Usually, in the natural life cycle of an iPhone, there is a standard set of questions that get asked around on the Internet: “When will the new iPhone be announced?”, “How will the new iPhone be different?”, “Is the new iPhone amazing or what?”, “How many iPhones were pre-ordered upon release?” Let’s stop at the […]