Some Winter Gear to Cuddle the Geek in You

Temperature levels are dropping, Christmas is right around the corner, and it’s already been a couple of weeks since the first snowfall. All of these mean one thing: Snowboarding season is nearing up! And what better way to get all hyped up for this season than by refreshing your list of winter Tech gadgets? Following is a selection of great gadgets that you’ll find useful this winter season or even make great Christmas presents!

GoPro Hero 3

The GoPro is probably the biggest name out there in the field of outdoor sports HD cameras. Last month, the GoPro was given a new refresh with the Hero 3 and they actually released three variances of the new camera.

The new models are all 30% smaller and 25% lighter than previous models which will definitely come in handy when mounting the camera to your helmet, chest, or camera pole. The GoPro comes with several mounts, or you can check out more here not to mention lots of additional accessories. We’ll be getting our hands on one very soon and will definitely be reviewing the camera and how it holds up. In the meanwhile, check out this awesome video, which was all shot using the Hero 3.

> GoPro Hero 3 – Model Comparison Chart

Oakley Airwave Snow Goggles

Don’t you just hate it when you’re shredding down the slopes and you’re wondering “How fast am I going?” and have no means of knowing,  or you get a text message and you don’t want to fiddle around in the freezing cold to check who it was? Well Oakley have came up with a great solution to these and much more. Say hello to the Airwave goggles.

Oakley Airwave Snow Goggles

Oakley Airwave Snow Goggles – Inner View

These babies have a heads up display on the inside that gives you live feedback of metrics such as Speed, trip viewer, vertical, navigation, and buddy tracking. Check out this video for more details, and yes this is real!

It is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity so it pairs up with your smartphone so you can check out who’s calling or texting you, and check out which track is playing on your music player. Both iOS and Android platforms are supported for now. The Airwave also include a great Oakley feature called Switchlock Technology which allows switching lenses quickly and hassle free depending on your visibility needs according to the weather.

The Oakley Airwave are still pricey though and will set you back $599.95, so if you’re thinking of getting these as a gift, they must surely be lucky!

Smith Optics Variant Sports Helmet

I don’t go anywhere without my music, and that goes double for when I’m on the slopes. Nothing beats shredding fresh powder while listening to your favorite tunes. So we bring you this great helmet by Smith Optics, which includes a Bluetooth SkullCandy kit, so you’ll be able to blast your favorite music while still staying safe (safety first guys!)

Do you have any favorite gadget you’re planning on using this winter? Share in the comments section and stay tuned for more updates on new winter tech gadgets and reviews.

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