Nokia Lumia 920 Review

Finally, we got our hands on a Lumia 920 unit. Finally, yes, because this one was really hard to get around. Global shortage and regional restrictions made it tough for us to get a hold on one, even for a quick glimpse. But this is behind us now. Let us get to business.

Nokia does not need an introduction. It was and remains one of the most serious mobile phone builders. Quality mobile phone builder that is. And the Lumia design, brought forward from the N9 fresh design back in 2011, is something that definitely stands out from the crowd of mobile phone profiles. Almost every smartphone out there tends to look like the iPhone. Except for some Samsung models and some Sony NXT devices, the rest of the pack is practically a lineup of twins.

The Lumia 920 Is a Beautiful, Yet Rock Solid Device

The N9 design is something we liked back then, and is still something we like now. It is unique. And with the Lumia 920, this factor form design is simply getting perfected to the maximum.

In a few words, the Lumia 920 is a mix of two things: Nokia’s best and Windows Phone 8. Now Nokia’s best is something to go blindly with: great design, even greater build quality, awesome camera technology, innovative features and great dedication to customer service. Things get a bit trickier when we’re about to deal with WIndows Phone 8. This particular mobile OS has the handicap of coming a bit late to the arena; of course this can be a good ingredient to a fresh new power launch, but things are not shaping that brightly. Windows Phone is having a tough time carving its way into the battlefield, and we believe will continue to do so for quite a while this coming year. This highlighted, we should rightfully admit that WP8 is a fully working mobile OS, with awesome visual features, and is as valid as any mobile OS out there. Only thing that is missing is mass adoption which will drive in turn developer stream towards the platform. Hopefully, this should come sooner or later, if we look at Microsoft’s stubbornness when dealing with endangered species (the Xbox case, which struggled for years before becoming rock solid).

Lumia 920

Windows Phone 8 is something to imperatively consider if you’re sick of Android and Apple phones and you want to try something that stands out from the pack. Nokia’s design and packed features make it an even better experience for switchers. If you’re on a different platform and want to switch to WP8, then Nokia is definitely the way to go; it will give you the best of the WP experience.

The Lumia 920 is offered in brilliant hues of yellow and red and other more serious iterations like black and grey. The unit we got was a black one, and the body finish was simply awesome: it’s matte and incredibly resistant to scratches. Nokia used a ceramic compound for the keys and plates, giving it added durability, as well as a more substantial feel. To sum it up: the Lumia 920 is a solid piece of Technology, really solid and durable. However, you will definitely feel it is heavy. It is a tank, specially compared to all other flagships currently setting the standards.

Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920: Internals and Features

The 4.5-inch display is exceptional — the IPS LCD screen works wonderfully, bolstered by PureMotion HD+, which produces crystal-clear images and videos. Our verdict: it’s a screen that’s on par with the iPhone’s Retina display, even beating the latter in terms of resolution, with 332 pixels-per-inch. Some innovative features, like polarisation filter and light-sensing technology enhance viewing by adjusting brightness, even in sunlight.

The camera now: The 8.7-megapixel shooter is a beauty. As per our experience in reviewing devices, we came out to the conclusion that mobile phone cameras are not to be measured and judged by the megapixels. The Lumia 920 comes with “PureView”, an innovative image-stabilizing technology.  Photos produced by the Lumia 920 are clearer and sharper than all mobile phone pictures we ever tested before. Nokia developed a “floating lens” feature that works like a steady-cam, without the waist-mount. Photos come out stunning and colourful  and you’ll have three enticing options: Panorama, Cinemagraph and SmartShot to capture different types of shots. The extra thing you will get with this shooter is extraordinary low light performance. Pictures shot in low light environment are simply stunning: minimal amount of blur, great color levels and no noise at all.

A quick look at the Lumia 920 internals: 1.5 Ghz dual-core Snapdragon chip is more than enough to keep everything running smoothly and a generous 2,000 mAh battery with wireless charging capabilities (cool, cool, cool!) ensures you don’t run out of juice mid-day – battery performance is really a notch above par.


What is sure is that the Lumia 920 is Nokia’s best for the past three of four years – the design is gorgeous, the display is top-notch and the camera is exceptional.


Great call quality

Great outstanding design

Nice durable feel

Awesome camera, crisp and performing

Smooth screen

Wireless charging is a nice extra


Heavy device

No expandable memory

Accessories might be costly

Some Apps and Games to Try on the Lumia 920

Angry Birds Star Wars – Cost: $0.99

Plants vs. Zombies – Cost: $4.99

Phototastic – Cost: $1.99

Nokia City Lens – Cost: Free In the Nokia Collection on your Lumia

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