Next-Gen Xbox To Be Announced on May 21st [UPDATE]

Next-Gen Xbox: It’s Coming! (UPDATE: Possible Logo Leaked)

Microsoft has just confirmed, after a plethora of rumors, that it will indeed reveal the next-gen Xbox at a stand-alone event on May 21st. The next-gen Xbox has so far been rumored to have 8GB DDRR3 RAM and an advanced graphics card which will allow it to compete with the PS4. The event, held in Microsoft’s Redmond campus, will be available for live streaming and will hopefully dispel rumors of an always-online Xbox. Microsoft will in a way continue the conference at E3 (June 11-14) but will put more of an emphasis on it’s software line-up.

next-gen xbox

Mark your calendars for May 21st and check back here for the latest info. and updates.

UPDATE: It seems the new Xbox name and logo have been leaked courtesy of Reddit user, C-Ron, who simply posted “Saved you guys a month of waiting. Thank me whenever” with the logo below. Xbox Infinity, interesting!

Say hello to the Xbox Infinity!

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