Listen to Babel’s Gustavo Santaolalla’s “Last of Us” Soundtrack

As the launch date approaches, we are getting more and more excited to get our hands on Naughty Dog’s latest PS3 outing, the Last of Us. Following the release of their latest trailer and development diary here, Sony and ND have unleashed yet another surprise. A surprise to the ears, in the form of the game’s soundtrack. Composed by the wonderfully talented and Oscar Nominated Gustavo Santaolalla, of Babel fame, the soundtrack reflects the sense of both hope and desperation in the game, and shows you that to make something truly emotional and nerve wrecking, you need to have the right music. A la Journey, im sure this game’s soundtrack will move a lot of people emotionally and maybe even commercially.

One unfortunate thing must be noted, the music that follows is all in 50 seconds snippet form. Surely, Sony doesnt want people to listen to the entire soundtrack now.

[WARNING]: Try to avoid reading the song titles as they might reflect some of the game’s plot updates. Just press play, sit back and relax and enjoy the music!

As always, stay tuned for the latest news on the impending release of Last of Us.

The Last of Us releases exclusively on PS3 on the 14th of June.

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  1. Wow, some really fascinating, atypical game sountrack stuff. I'm digging it.
  2. This is absolutely brilliant. I wish the main theme snippet was slightly longer! The Last of Us is going to be incredible.