Ingress: The world Around You Is Not What It Seems [Giveaway]

Android lovers, you might all have heard or read about the newest ARG (augmented reality game), Ingress.

What is Ingress? How fun is it? And is it working in Lebanon?

Ingress is an augmented reality game based on locations and statues. Each specific location having a statue/mural/or interesting monument contains power; it’s called a portal. As all games are, you have to choose a side, whether the enlightened or the resistance.

Now, back to our portals, these landmarks have some hidden energy that needs to be maintained. Your task is to check-in/recharge on a consistent basis, daily if possible. And the higher level you get the higher energy it needs.

But why ingress?

Ingress at first glance is a game, and an addictive one, especially when played in groups. As a matter of fact, every person playing this game will have to get the most out of his Android device and embedded Google features: Google Plus communities, tasks application (whether Google one or any other), Google Talk/Hangouts (since you need to coordinate your moves and attacks – after all it is a strategy game).

Of course, people might say that this game is mainly there to help Google enhance their Google maps and have a fairly competitive advantage over other mapping applications. It is rather fairly true, because the game is constantly running in the background, and hence constantly tracing locations and updating landmarks.

Ingress is making the geeks get out to explore the world; in all movies you see the geeks are people who sits at home and never get out. well Google fans are all out and hacking it.

We should note that this game is still in its Beta phase and activation codes are selectively sent.

Did you manage to get your activation code? which side are you on?

If you still didn’t have the chance to get in the game, we are giving away one invite to Ingress. How to get it? You just have to share with us on our Google+ page here why you want to join the game. You will then have to get as much “+1″s on your post as you possibly can get. Of course, you must add us to your circles, this goes without saying. Good luck!

Personally I am enjoying this game and currently my faction is winning in Lebanon, waiting for you to join us very soon!

Enlightened taking over the portals A portal in Beirut The link Saida – Beirut Portal Destruction Intel of Beirut under Resistance Portal in range

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