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eTobb Is Now Taking Care of Android Users

It’s as simple as that and it has been taking Lebanon and neighboring countries by storm since their inception. The idea may, admittedly, not be entirely unique or original (think WebMD) but the implementation is. The capacity of these fine (very) young professionals to conceive, execute and push through with their idea has merited awards and recognition from […]


Apple Announces Top iPhone Grossing Apps

Apples smartphone app market is more competitive than ever, with more than one million apps readily available for your fast little fingers to swiftly tap and swipe around the screen. All these apps make for over sixty billion downloads in total – and that’s just last year’s report! So what does it take to be […]


Top Apps That Give Back

It’s fair to say most of us would be lost without our smartphone. No social media on the go, no taking photos of the fancy meal you’ve just had, and no ability to check your emails wherever whenever. But as we know smartphones do so much more than that, and in recent years even charity […]

Office Android

Microsoft Office for iOS and Android Now Completely Free

Microsoft today released Office for iPad and updated Office Mobile for iPhone and Office Mobile for Android with a major change: both are now completely free for home use. The decision was allegedly made in order to align Office Mobile for Windows Phone with its iOS and Android counterparts. As a result, Office Mobile now lets smartphone […]

Samsung Milk

Samsung Now Has Its Own Music Streaming Service: Milk

Samsung has decided to throw their hat into the online music service game with their own internet radio called: Milk Music. Milk because fresh, apparently, inspired by Samsung’s new refreshed UI design. The service is already available from the Google Play store, boasting ad-free music, but will only work on Samsung devices. For now Milk is […]


BroApp, Your Personal Relationship Wingman

Bros before… ehemm! For some bros, it can be extremely tasking to adequately balance their time between their girlfriends and “bro” activities like lifting, video games and chilling with the bros. Some bros genuinely care about their partner but for some reason sometimes accidentally forget to talk to her all day. Nevertheless, bros be lucky. […]


Facebook Messenger Now Available on Windows Phone

Facebook Messenger has finally launched for Windows Phone. What does it exactly bring to the current Facebook Windows Phone experience? Here’s a list of features in the first version of Messenger for Windows Phone that might give you a few hints: Get to all your messages without having to open Facebook. Bring your conversations to life with […]