7 Movies Every Geek Should be Waiting for in 2013

Iron Man 3

After 2012’s Avengers taught the industry a lesson on what a comic book super hero movie should be, Tony Stark steps back up for round three. Be prepared as Iron Man faces off against the Mandarin in what the trailer promises to be his deadliest fight yet.

World War Z

If Vampires were last year’s “Flavor of the month” then Zombie season must be coming close. This long awaited book adaptation sees who better than Brad Pitt face off against a worldwide Zombie epidemic. You haven’t seen anything till you saw a Zombie snowball pile up attack.

Pain and Gain

This is why the world fell in love with Michael Bay. Before he became the franchise pusher of overly long repetitive mediocre marketing driven robot films, he used to be the master of over the top funny violent and all out bad ass movies.
This is “Pain and Gain”.

This is the End

The boys are back with a vengeance. The heavyweight kings of “green” comedy face of the apocalypse as well…themselves, exactly the way we want to see them. If this bunch will not be able a funny movie together then it might as well be the end.

Man of Steel

Superman getting the “Dark knight” treatment by none other than Zack “thank you for Watchmen and 300” Snyder and Christopher Nolan as consultant. The word promising would be a grave understatement to describe this upcoming movie.

Pacific Rim

If you were a little boy growing up in the 80s you would agree that nothing is cooler than giant robots fighting giant aliens. Brothers our dreams might be getting pretty close on becoming a reality.

Only God Forgives

A Bangkok police lieutenant and a gangster settle their differences in a Thai-boxing match. Nicolas Winding Refn. Ryan Gosling. Watch Drive and you’ll better understand my why I’m looking forward to this one.

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