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Disqus: Are Web Comments a Good Business?

Disqus claims 42% of internet users read the comments after a story or contribute one of their own. And they definitely know what they’re talking about, since this figure is extracted from the company’s more than 2 million clients. However, two main schools debate over the impact comments might have on the overall perceptibility of online content, […]

Lebanese Flag

Makhsoom: The Lebanese Group Buying Success Story

Daily deals are catchy, and having the opportunity to get them twice a day is simply a double shot of awesome. Welcome to the world of Makhsoom. In case you don’t know about Makhsoom, it is a group-buying platform based on a website that offers you daily deals at discounted prices for a variety of services […]

Brazil Sidewalk Bar Codes

Brazil Integrates Barcodes On Sidewalks for Touristic Info

In case you are not familiar with Quick Response Codes (QR Codes), they are matrix barcodes that can contain specific types of information (texts, web links and so on) which can be read by special QR Codes scanners or mobile phone cameras and processed using a specific app in order for them to be translated […]


Apple Trademarks the Design of its Stores

Apple, the giant with the infamous history of ruthlessly protecting its products (hardware and software) through many patents, is seeking to do the same for their physical stores across the world, where it is seeking to protect their interior designs and layouts through trademarks from the The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Apparently, the USPTO did […]

Research In Motion CEO Heins gestures while delivering his keynote address during the Blackberry Jam Americas in San Jose

BlackBerry Announces the First BB10 Phones

In an event that took place in New York on Wednesday, January 31, 2013, BlackBerry (previously known as RIM) made several announcements concerning their company image, the new BlackBerry 10 (BB10) OS as well as the initial devices that are going to support it. Enter Blackberry (The Company) Research In Motion (RIM) officially changed its name to […]


HelloSign: A New Way to Sign Your Emails

The HelloSign plugin for Gmail Chrome allows a user to open, edit and sign documents in Gmail and automatically loads the signed and edited document as an attachment to be sent. It is now only available in Chrome but will be added as a plugin to Firefox. What do we mean by signing? Well, as […]


Handwriting: Why We Should Still Do It

So, this morning I had to take out my checkbook. I grabbed a pen and started writing it. I slowed down a bit, and noticed something. It suddenly occurred to me how rarely I do write something by hand. The truth is that my handwriting sucks.  Even though I still have lots of Moleskine notebooks I basically […]


Nintendo Land Review

In a nutshell, Nintendo Land can be described as the WiiU’s version of WiiSports; a game solely designed for showcasing what the WiiU has to offer in terms of new hardware and features. The game consists of a main hub generally divided into three categories: competitive multiplayer, cooperative multiplayer and single player. To be direct […]

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Story

An incredible 100,000 boards ordered on the first day. Today more than 700,000 Raspberry Pi computers have been shipped to developers and modders who are fitting them to various robotic devices, surveillance systems, drones and similar, but also to coders looking to build their first programs. So what, exactly, is the Raspberry Pi? The Pi is […]

Opera Ice

Opera Ice: The New Mobile Browser Is Coming Soon

As first reported by Pocket-Lint, Opera, the popular Norwegian software company is set to release their new browser Opera Ice on iOS and Android very soon. The preview video accessed by the Pocket-Lint (now claimed back by Opera for privacy infringement  shows Opera CEO Lars Boilesen outlining the company’s plans for 2013 before giving the floor to […]